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    Image by Reymark Franke via Unsplash

“This thing is awesome!”

Barefoot Ted @Luna Sandals

“This Firebiner is the best new product I have seen at the whole show!”

Blue Ridge Knives

“I love it! That is so cool.”

Vierra@Proof Eyewear

That is a killer product. You will do very well.”

Power Practical

“Clever. Awesome idea.”

Jeff@Lucky Bums

“The Kodiak was a great product, the guys at OE have taken it to another level with the new Firebiner. Awesome products.”


“This is great. Can I have one?”

Bob Geiger@Geigerrig


Backpacker Magazine Cover

Mad love to Backpacker Magazine

We were beyond excited to see this writeup! “Best Gadget” under Essential Knives and tools!  To quote the Article: OUR TAKE Backpackers like carabiners. Backpackers love carabiners that make fire. The stainless-steel Firebiner will bring out your inner caveman: it has a built-in spark wheel with a 2,000-strike capability. It also has a flathead screwdriver […]

Globo Surf

Globo Surf Review

Check out the review of the Firebiner from Globo Surf at the link below: https://www.globosurfer.com/firebiner-fire-starting-multi-tool-every-day-carry-survival-carabiner-review/

Business Den Review

Outdoor entrepreneur fires up carabiner multi-tool

Firebiner Pre-Launch

“So excited about this! Best of luck to the team!” Adam

“Great product idea. I just upped my pledge so I get the paracord as well. :)” Steve

“no doubt this will get funded. Good luck.” S

“You’re welcome. If this turns out to be half as awesome as the Kodiak, it’ll be money well spent. I fly in the backseat of the FA-18F for the US Navy, and every time I do, I wear the Kodiak. I have full confidence that if something ever happened and I found myself in a survival scenario, I’d be well-prepared no matter the environment I might find myself in. Thanks guys. Looking forward to the firebiner!” EH

Firebiner Post-Launch

“Received in California today and I’m very happy with it. Great quality and everything works perfectly. I’ve never been a fan of carabiners, but this one forced me to rethink that ’cause it’s more than just a big clip and could actually save my life if I need it to. Thank you for delivering a great product, I look forward to your future endeavors.” Justin 5/4/17 on Kickstarter

“I am honestly impressed with the quality. Great work guys.” Eric 5/4/17 on Kickstarter

“Got mine today and promptly started a fire using the jute from the cord at the dinner table. My 4 y/o son was impressed, my wife not so much. Easy peazy though. Great quality and seems like a great product. Thanks.” Ryan 5/5/17 on Kickstarter

“Thanks…great service + great product is a winning combo. Excited to be a part of it…onward, upward.” BJ 5/5/17 on BackerKit

“This is great. I have quite a few carbiners, many way more expensive. The firebiner is now one of my favorites. Very attractive, very useful, an excellent bit of kit. Throws nice fat sparks.” Hiram 5/6/17 on Kickstarter

“Awesome.” Yery 5/7/17 on Kickstarter