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    Image by Reymark Franke via Unsplash

“This thing is awesome!”

“This Firebiner is the best new product I have seen at the whole show!”

“I love it! That is so cool.”

That is a killer product. You will do very well.”

“Clever. Awesome idea.”

“The Kodiak was a great product, the guys at OE have taken it to another level with the new Firebiner. Awesome products.”

“This is great. Can I have one?”


Be Outdoors - Appalachian MTN club logo

Appalachian Mtn Club – Firebiner Review

Go and check out another review of our popular fire-starting carabiner, The Firebiner, over at the Appalachian Mtn Club’s website. **As a note, the Firebiner gate (“weak spring in the carabiner clip” noted in the article) has been improved from previous versions.

Matador Logo

Matador Network Firebiner Review

Go and check out the article from the Matador network, tabbing the Firebiner as one of the most game-changing outdoor accessories of the year.

Alex Kwa Firebiner image

Firebiner Review by Alex Kwa

Alex  is one of the few experts in the urban techwear industry. You can see that he knows what he’s talking about on his detailed reviews and  how he greatly highlights the products. Check out his latest review on the firebiner here. Here’s a short excerpt: The Firebiner is very cool. It just looks cool. […]

Kodiak Review by Alex Kwa

Go and check out the latest Kodiak review by Alex Kwa, a Singaporean product designer living in Tokyo. The post is full of great photos and an in-depth look at how the Kodiak can fit into your overall style.

Backpacker logo

Backpacker Firebiner Review – The 4 Best Knives and Tools of 2019

Go and check out the Backpacker website for an awesome write-up by Justin La Vigne listing the Firebiner as one of the 4 best knives and tools of 2019!

Firebiner Pre-Launch

“So excited about this! Best of luck to the team!” Adam

“Great product idea. I just upped my pledge so I get the paracord as well. :)” Steve

“no doubt this will get funded. Good luck.” S

“You’re welcome. If this turns out to be half as awesome as the Kodiak, it’ll be money well spent. I fly in the backseat of the FA-18F for the US Navy, and every time I do, I wear the Kodiak. I have full confidence that if something ever happened and I found myself in a survival scenario, I’d be well-prepared no matter the environment I might find myself in. Thanks guys. Looking forward to the firebiner!” EH

Firebiner Post-Launch

“Received in California today and I’m very happy with it. Great quality and everything works perfectly. I’ve never been a fan of carabiners, but this one forced me to rethink that ’cause it’s more than just a big clip and could actually save my life if I need it to. Thank you for delivering a great product, I look forward to your future endeavors.” Justin 5/4/17 on Kickstarter

“I am honestly impressed with the quality. Great work guys.” Eric 5/4/17 on Kickstarter

“Got mine today and promptly started a fire using the jute from the cord at the dinner table. My 4 y/o son was impressed, my wife not so much. Easy peazy though. Great quality and seems like a great product. Thanks.” Ryan 5/5/17 on Kickstarter

“Thanks…great service + great product is a winning combo. Excited to be a part of it…onward, upward.” BJ 5/5/17 on BackerKit

“This is great. I have quite a few carbiners, many way more expensive. The firebiner is now one of my favorites. Very attractive, very useful, an excellent bit of kit. Throws nice fat sparks.” Hiram 5/6/17 on Kickstarter

“Awesome.” Yery 5/7/17 on Kickstarter