Silver Vial

Made from aluminum with a rubber gasket to keep water out and/or liquid fuel in.

Store a TinderQuik and some extra ferro rods inside.


Screwdriver/Reflector Tool

Custom made tool, the perfect size for the set screw on the Firebiner to adjust the ferro rod tension.

Doubles as an emergency Reflector.



3 awesome fire-starters made in the USA.

Light easily and burn long.

Waterproof wax-coated cotton.


Easy Clip

Barrel-swivel-design clip to easily attach your Vial to your Firebiner.

Includes split ring to keep everything together.

Packrat Accessory Kit for Firebiner

Add to your peace of mind when in the outdoors by carrying the Packrat Accessory Kit with you. Clip the vial on your Firebiner, store a TinderQuik and an extra ferro rod or two and you are set. Kit includes:

  • Watertight aluminum silver vial to keep your fire-starter dry and/or contained. For use with wet or dry fire-starter.
  • Screwdriver tool to adjust the tension on the Firebiner ferro rod or to replace the rod.
  • Screwdriver tool also doubles as a convenient Reflector.
  • 3 TinderQuiks that are made in the USA – excellent tinder that light up easily and burn long.
  • Barrel swivel clip and split ring to keep everything together and attached to your Firebiner.

For something similar but slightly different, check out the Wombat Whistle/Vial Accessory Kit as well.


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