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Backpacker Firebiner Review – The 4 Best Knives and Tools of 2019

Go and check out the Backpacker website for an awesome write-up by Justin La Vigne listing the Firebiner as one of the 4 best knives and tools of 2019!

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Mad love to Backpacker Magazine

We were beyond excited to see this writeup! “Best Gadget” under Essential Knives and tools! 

To quote the Article:

OUR TAKE Backpackers like carabiners. Backpackers love carabiners that make fire. The stainless-steel Firebiner will bring out your inner caveman: it has a built-in spark wheel with a 2,000-strike capability. It also has a flathead screwdriver and a bottle opener, plus a safety blade in a notch that cuts through cord and fishing line. The biner Isn’t rated for climbing, but can easily support a full multiday pack.

TRAIL CRED “The Firebiner is basically foolproof, and it always throws a spark with the first spin,” one tester says. “It’s easier than most dedicated firestarters I’ve used.”

-Backpacker Magazine
Backpacker Magazine Article
Backpacker Magazine Firebiner Review
Globo Surf

Globo Surf Review

Check out the review of the Firebiner from Globo Surf at the link below: